The Digital Wallet with A Story

We created an exclusive digital platform offering financial services and rewards exclusively for film enthusiasts. Help support the James Dean Film School with every purchase.


The digital wallet with a story

We created an exclusive digital platform offering financial services and rewards specifically designed for film enthusiasts.

Welcome to life well spent

Limited Edition Card

Get your James Dean limited edition metal card fully-licenced by James Dean and designed for film enthusiasts.

Advanced Features

Download the James Dean wallet app and access advanced account features like digital banking, bill payments and offers.

Exclusive Fan Content

Gain access to an exclusive library of licensed James Dean digital assets, NFTs, images, and special offers.

Card Features

Support The James Dean Film School

Experience all of the benefits of a fullly-digital wallet, combined with the exclusive limited edition James Dean Collector Card. Gain access to a library of specially licenced fan perks, digital art and special offers designed specifically for the rebel in you.

Earn valuable rewards plus use your limited edition wallet for everyday shopping to help support the James Dean Film School.

Order Your Limited Edition Metal Card Today

Get the James Dean Digital Wallet and Limited Edition dual-interface metal card today! Access funds on the go with the James Dean Wallet, where users can view transaction history, load funds, and collect rewards with each purchase. Use your limited edition card to access a library of licenced images, digital assets, James Dean Fan offers and more.

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A Rebel Without A Cause

Support the James Dean Film School with every purchase, shop and earn at millions of merchants.

Gain access to pharmacy discounts at 63,000 participating pharmacies across the USA.

Act now! Get the only Metal Debit Card, built specifically for Film Enthusiasts.


James Dean Limited Edition Collector Card

  • Interested in the art of film making or film industry? Get your James Dean Limited Edition Collector card today! Have your Film School per diem payments loaded automatically plus gain access to an extensive library of Collector Card Only Exclusives like Limited Edition James Dean NFTs, perks and special offers.
  • James Dean Mobile Wallet | Prescription Savings | James Dean Personalized Metal Debit Card

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